We would like to introduce ourselves as an ISO company 9001-2015 company undertaking job works for various types of surface coatings. We have been improvising the techniques of different coatings as per the requirement of our customers. We have a well organized workshop in Ahmedabad wherein we have a powder coating pant and facilities for coating of various other applications like PU coating, epoxy coatings, stoving enamel and other specialized coatings like zinc coating, anti-corrosive coatings, self-lubricative coatings, high temperature coatings etc. We also take up jobs for coating on various surfaces like mild steel, aluminum, glass, rubber, stone, leather, plastics. We take up jobs for flexible finishes on rubber and leather. These coatings have high flexibility and are resistant against water and minor chemical resistant. They are UV resistant and can be applied for various applications.

    We have expertise in customized coating processes. We are at present doing specialized coating processes for off-shore machine parts and accessories, where high resistance against corrosion is required. There are several parts which are used in oil rigs at about 50 m below the sea level , on which these coatings are done.